Salta Catering | Who we are
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Who we are

Enthusiastic Professionals, passionate about their job

We have been offering an excellent catering service for more than fourteen years. We give quality and take care of even the smallest details.

With high quality products and respecting the environment our hands prepare daily and exclusively, healthy, creative and balanced cooking proposals. You are going to enjoy with all your senses.

The bakery, life and soul of our catering, emanates a smell to freshly baked bread that reminds you to your childhood and whets one’s appetite.

This won’t be possible without our catering’s heart: OUR TEAM.


Andrea Poletti

The most important thing isn’t what you eat, but how you eat it.


David Martínez

Freshly baked bread is the ideal complement to good food.

Pastry chef


Working as a pastry chef is a way of sweetening people’s life.

Catering coordinator

Lourdes Teixido

Listening to the client is the best way to offer a service adapted to their needs.


Elvira Gramary

We are what we learn and we are constantly learning.

Logistics Manager

Pablo Soto

Dedication and Commitment.

Sales agent

Beatriz Vaz

I love my work and I try to mind the details.